A bilge pump is one of the most crucial safety features of a boat. Without a bilge pump, excess outside water or leaks can cause a boat to flood or sink. Consequently, these pumps save lives, making them essential to any vessel.
A bilge pump is a marine pump designed to clear water out of the bottom of a boat’s hull, also known as the bilge. This water may be the result of rain, leaks, splashes, cleaning, or coolers that drain into the bilge. Bilge pumps are rated by the volume of water they can remove in one hour, and each type of pump possesses different ratings at which they are available. These pumps can prevent small leaks from sinking a boat, giving more time for a diagnosis and resolution to be reached. Even for large-scale leaks, bilge pumps can buy more time for help to arrive.
Automatic bilge pumps use a float switch to activate the pump once water pools above a predetermined level. Once the switch activates, the pump kicks on to remove the water from the bilge until the bilge is dry. Once the bilge is free of water, the switch deactivates the pump until the water reaches the activation level again. This feature prevents the bilge pump from running constantly while also protecting the boat from built-up water.

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