One of the simplest mods on jet skis is the “ECU Reflash,” which is also known as ECU reprogramming.

The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is considered the “brain” of the machine. This on-board computer is responsible for controlling a number of different engine functions, including the ignition timing, turbocharger boost pressure and fueling.
When manufacturers build a new PWC, they program the ECU to certain set specifications, but in the vast majority of cases – these aren’t the optimum settings.

This is because ECUs are programmed with in-built safeguards designed to cover the use of substandard or lower octane fuel, and to protect the engine from the damaging effects of neglect – like leaving it too long between services.

All manufacturers artificially restrict performance to ensure that a vehicle fits into pollution guidelines and or in the USA specifically, Coast Guard speed regulations, where all new PWC's have a speed limiter of 68 MPH.

Generally, stock ECU settings hamper the performance and economy of an engine, and by optimizing them, you can improve power and efficiency without compromising the durability and longevity of your vehicle.

By “reflashing” this unit, you can override and unleash this restricted performance. Some of the advantages are:

  • Increased RPM limit
  • Eliminates speed limiters
  • Eliminates throttle restrictions
  • Improved fuel maps
  • Improved ignition timing maps
  • Improved throttle reaction and control

At MotoMarine, our friendly, expert teams have the knowledge, experience and technology to provide ECU remapping for your Jetski. Contact us today to get started!