As a rule of thumb, Salt water is bad for everything. Corrosive Saltwater can damage the jetski's metal parts, including damaging its electronic components.

The good news is that you can significantly reduce the harmful effects of salt water with proper maintenance to your jetski. This means if you perform the proper after ride car as well as taking some preventative steps, you can enjoy your jetski in the salt water for years without any issues.

A lot of people do not realize that you have to flush the interior of the jetski hull with fresh water in order to clear out most of the salt that builds up inside. Jetski hulls are NOT completely waterproof. A little bit of water always gets in .. and as you ride it around jump waves, everything inside the hull is getting splashed around with salt water.

Eventually you can start running into electrical problems with your jetski. The battery may become discharged for seemingly no reason. It may not start or you may start having issues with sensors or error codes that prevent you from having a good time.

if you run into these issues, we at MotoMarine are experts in diagnosing electrical problems. Bring it on over to us and let us take care of your machine.