Jetski running like crap?

When is the last time that you have a tune up?

Over time jetskis parts get used and dirty and need to be replaced. Make sure you keep your engine clean and well maintained. This means changing out old parts and replacing them with new ones, as well as cleaning out debris, or dirt and dust buildups that occur from regular use.

Bad spark plugs may not fire correctly and cause the jetski to run like crap.... even turn off or not even start to begin with.

Spark plugs can be damaged from old age, especially in a salt water environment. Rusty spark plugs can not only get stuck in the cylinder, causing you to spend $2,000-3,000 dollars in repair to replace $20 worth of spark plugs.

Replacing the air filters on your jetski regularly and upgrade to more efficient models. This will better regulate air flow into the engine and cylinders, increasing your engines performance. Most air filters in jetskis are made of paper. These can get clogged up when they get wet and humid, turn into a hard material that does not let air through.

All new PWC'S are all basically 4 stroke engines, this service is what keeps these high powered machines in top running condition. No matter what people like to say to sell 4 strokes, or people think, servicing these engines are even more critical than any other PWC engine built before. Remember unlike your car or street bike engine these engines run at near wide open throttle all the time. That means wear and tear. One complete service a year will go a long way in keeping it running the way it did when it was new. At MotoMarine, we can come to you and do the service in just a few short hours. No 2 or 3 week delay at a local shop because we keep in stock what we need to service every 4 stroke PWC made today.